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From Ulm to Kressbronn Danube - Lake Constance

Long Distance Cycling Route

Danube - Lake Constance Route

Panoramic roads, places of cultural interest and endless expanse of scenery

This route leads from the world's highest churchspire to the banks of Lake Constance, linking two well-known and popular routes: the Danube and the Lake Constance cycle trails. What's more, the Danube - Lake Constance Route is more than just a connection - it has many attractions of its own, quite apart from the beautiful scenery. It begins in Ulm, on the southern edge of the Swabian Alb, continues on through the hilly countryside of Upper Swabia and ends among the fruit plantations and hop fields in Kressbronn, on the banks of Lake Constance.

A certain amount of muscle power is required, but there are lots of opportunities for relaxing en route: a wealth of lakes for bathing, health resorts and soothing thermal spas - Jordanbad in Biberach or the Waldsee-Therme, for example, are ideal. On the other hand, the route presents opportunities for longer breaks, as it takes cyclists through several towns on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route with their tourist attractions.

"This long-distance cycling route leads you to the treasures of Upper Swabia and Allgäu"

Nancy H., Cornwall, UK

Impressions along the route

Danube - Lake Constance Route

  • Landscape in Upper Swabia
  • The holy mountain - the "Bussen"
  • Cycling in the Württemberg Allgäu
  • Breather at the lake
  • Cycling in the hills
  • Cycling Upper Swabia

Free touring map

Cycling Routes Upper Swabia - Allgäu

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Lake Constance Bike Tour Map

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The Danube - Lake Constance Route

Facts and Figures

  • 1 long-distance cycling route
  • 4 stars classification from the German cycling club
  • 4 diversified stages
  • 40 years of premium cycling in Upper Swabia
  • 153 beautiful cycling kilometres

Signs will help you to find your way

The Danube - Lake Constance Route is equipped with a two-way signage to help you to find your way from Ulm to Kressbronn or the other way around.

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